Spearmint offers a number of services for both Individuals and Organizations.



We’ll help you solidify your personal branding, launch your search, and get you moving quickly so you can generate leads that result in interviews and ultimately the role you want.

We offer three individual-coaching opportunities designed to provide the direction, confidence, and know-how to seize your ideal career:


Discovering your career potential can be daunting if you’re not sure where to begin. Discover is for individuals who are new to the job search or having trouble getting started and interested in finding their strengths, skills, and motivation to identify and achieve their career goal.

If you’re facing any of these challenges, Discover is the option for you:

  • You are uncertain about your path and purpose in life and overwhelmed by the idea of how to get started

  • You have some ideas of what you think you would like to do next, but the thought of goal setting and the job search is keeping you stuck

  • You have not undertaken a job search for some time and you’re having trouble knowing how to start

  • You are uncertain about the competitiveness of your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter

  • You are unsure how to leverage you network or uncover a new strategic network

How it works: Discover typically requires four one-hour work sessions. It includes certified assessment, resume development, LinkedIn profile optimization and a goal focused strategic plan including a cover letter and other outreach materials.


Finding the right motivations and decisions are rooted in building a fact-based understanding of your opportunities and what you need to succeed. Launch is for more seasoned individuals who have solid online/offline outreach materials but are in need of strategic support and accountability to advance their search effort.

If you’re facing any of these challenges, Launch is the option for you:

  • You feel like your job search has fallen flat—you’re losing motivation and concerned about your ability to stay confident

  • You are not landing as many interviews as you would like and feel like your network is tapped out

How it works: Launch typically requires four one-hour work sessions. It includes an outreach materials audit, a detailed search audit, strategy, and real-time feedback to optimize interactions with hiring stakeholders.


Successful careers don't just happen, they have to actively managed. Grow is for skilled executives who have great traction in their careers and need independent professional counsel—in real time—on strategies and tactics for tackling difficult situations such as salaries and promotions, handling office politics, building teams and support, and developing your network.

Your Spearmint Coach will work with you to:

  • Help you achieve the raise/promotion you want with confidence by understanding and communicating your market value while reinforcing your key personal brand values

  • Build your leadership skills and value among important stakeholders

  • Shape and map your vision for your future and unique career path

How it works: Grow is conducted on an hourly-fee basis with a weekly or monthly time commitment being mutually agreed upon between coach and client.






We offer two distinct services to our business clients to support them with employee transitions and employee development.

Outplacement Coaching

Spearmint offers an innovative outplacement approach which reinforces the goodwill and employer brand reputation of the Company (client) and leaves employees energized and confident for their professional future.

We help support transitioning employees in preparing for their future success as they reenter the field by identifying transferable skills and competencies (as well as address and close potential skill gaps) and assisting them in developing the leadership tools and marketing plan they need in order to secure their next role.

How it works: Spearmint offers a four-part coaching program to enable key talent to be the “CEO of their career trajectory.” Each employee will receive targeted, research-based assessments as needed and coaching designed to provide the direction, skills evaluation, and marketing know-how to drive their career forward. This high-touch, goal-oriented process will provide personalized outplacement support, deliver independent coaching, and provide enhanced tools at great value to them personally and to the organization. Fees are custom quoted based on business’s needs. 

Leadership Coaching

We work with businesses who want to help rising talent in their organization enhance their communication and overall leadership skills, enabling them to enlarge their scope, make enhanced contributions, and accelerate their trajectory within the organization. Spearmint Coaching maintains certifications in the leading assessment tools and will often recommend the use of Everything DiSC Workplace® to create a more personalized coaching experience.

How it works: Spearmint works with the assigned executive (with input from a key group of stakeholders) to define and develop an actionable set of performance-based communication and leadership competencies. These competencies will support and guide the individual’s professional growth and development and leave them energized and able to be a more effective collaborator to their team. Spearmint has designed and implemented this process using leadership research, assessments, and models to reinforce the adoption of these new best practices with application, feedback, practice, and accountability. Fees are custom quoted based on business’s needs.

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

We are also available for workshops and speaking engagements to academic career centers, student/parent groups, and other organizations on topics including career search, networking, and talent development.


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