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“Career success is a lifelong practice.”


Whether working with an individual seeking to enter the workforce for the first-time or a seasoned executive pursuing a career transition, Spearmint Coaching will help you successfully navigate your search. We start by using a combination of one-on-one interviews and powerful research-proven tools to gain a complete understanding of your strengths and skills, including your interests, your education, and your life experiences. These make up your “innate operating system” and shape the unique way you see the world. Using this as a beacon and drawing on their own expertise, your Spearmint coach will then work with you to develop your individual career game plan.

Spearmint Coaching offers:

  • Coaching conducted in-person or virtually as needed

  • An accountability partner who can keep you moving forward

  • An actionable short-term plan to get you activated and producing results

  • An organized and holistic approach so you understand the full search landscape and every channel where opportunities exist

  • A proven process to help you quickly define your strengths and skills as well as identify and help remove your roadblocks

  • Hiring expertise to guide you through a variety of search scenarios you may encounter

  • Personal branding expertise to ensure you are executing a strong first impression, high-impact resume, optimized cover letter, and compelling LinkedIn profile


Spearmint Coaching uses a proven methodology with its clients to get them search ready. Some of the key activities you may participate in include:


Your coach will spend time getting to know you, your current situation, and your future goals. Together, you will pinpoint challenges, priorities, and opportunities so that you can narrow down your bottom line and move forward with confidence.


Spearmint will help you craft a detailed strategic guide to keep you on track and moving forward with each session. You’ll also learn how to make strategic career decisions and adapt your roadmap to changing priorities along the search route.


Once your plan is in place, Spearmint will help you produce a personal branding statement that you can be proud of. Spearmint’s powerful PVP is a written document produced with your strengths (and hiring insights) in mind. Your PVP will fuel your marketing plan and help you engage your network effectively. You’ll learn how to use this strategic branding document to leverage your network and create interview opportunities.


The only person that will be able to sell you in your search is YOU! Your coach will help you craft and prepare a powerful, concise pitch that you can repurpose for any networking or interview scenario in order to immediately deliver your unique value and keep your contacts engaged.


Once your branding basics are in place and you’re feeling confident, you’ll learn how to strategically generate new contacts and job leads using a proven networking strategy that will have you feeling confident, energized, and productive.


As your offline networks expands, you’ll be ready to send your resume to interested contacts. Using best writing practices, Spearmint’s team will collaborate with you on resume mechanics and make sure your resume is as applicant tracking software (ATS) ready as possible. By focusing on your skills and accomplishments, you’ll have a resume/cover letter combo you can feel confident to present to prospective employers.


You’ll also tap into your online network for valuable research, leads, and opportunities. To produce the optimum results online, you’ll need to be optimized and LinkedIn proficient. In addition, you’ll also engage in a collaborative profile writing process so that your online brand attracts your target audience and reflects the best version of you.


“Working with Fran was extremely beneficial for me. I learned about a range of different career paths that I could pursue including many I had not previously considered, as well as which would best suit me.”

Lucas, Sophomore, Harvard

“Fran is way more than the typical resume coach; she is a real career catalyst. Her support and focus on results were instrumental in helping me to decide to start my own digital business and feel confident about taking the first steps. She continues to be my trusted advisor.”

Allison Grekin, La Sorbonne/Babson College ’13, Founder Socialive.TV

“I knew when we retained Fran on behalf of our son that there would be a successful outcome. She manages being accessible, caring, and completely proactive and goal focused on behalf of her client. I witnessed his transformation as she assisted him in marketing himself, helping him to better understand who needed his unique talents, and how to successfully connect with the decision makers he needed to make his job search a success. He confirmed the process boosted his confidence—and sealed his success at landing the job he wanted.”

Marilyn Chinitz, Partner, National Law Firm

“Our daughter is a college junior and we were referred to Fran to help her jump-start her career planning. We were concerned her college couldn't provide her with the most expert tools and direction needed in this competitive marketplace. Fran’s coaching has provided all that and more and given her the focus and self-confidence she needs to put her best self forward.”

Jill, Mom of Junior at Emerson College

“Working with Spearmint Coaching was an experience in excellence. Fran's innate sense of how to tackle the challenge of career advancement is unparalleled. She covers everything one needs to get in front of the right people and stay on their radar. I would highly recommend her services after seeing the dedication she has to her clients and her success rate is an understatement.”

Marc Schwartz, CEO/Founder, Online Retailer

“What makes a coach great? Experience, determination, focus, understanding, and authenticity. Fran Berrick is that great coach. She listens, observes, and sets leaders on a more successful path to delivering results and achieving personal and professional goals.”

Robert Chavez, U.S., President and CEO of Hermès, Paris

“My work with Fran began as I navigated the interview process for a role in a totally new field but still within my current company. Despite years of interviewing candidates as a hiring manager, I found myself unsure how to begin preparing given the unfamiliar field and new interview format. Fran and I reviewed the job description and we began running through the most nuanced parts of the role and interview questions. Fran brought incredible value in her ability to objectively listen and, most importantly, hear and identify what I omitted as we navigated interview simulations. Fran's invaluable years of executive and leadership experience allows her to uniquely empower clients with an ability to drill down complex ideas into simple and clear problems to solve. With her great guidance I happily accepted an incredible offer for a new role!”

Senior Industry Professional, Career Transition


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