What we do

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While everyone would like to believe that secondary education leaves one workforce ready, it’s often not the case.


Not only do employers today feel graduates aren’t fully ready for the workforce, but most recent graduates will also tell you they feel unprepared. Whether you’re an upcoming graduate seeking to successfully transition from school to the workforce, a sophomore/junior attempting to get a head start with developing a career plan and pursuing internships, or just someone with your own unique needs for career coaching, Spearmint is here to help.



We start by using a combination of one-on-one interviews and some powerful research-proven tools to gain a complete understanding of your strengths and skills, including your interests, your education, and your life experiences. These make up your “innate operating system” and it shapes the unique way you see the world.

Using this as a beacon and drawing on their own expertise, your Spearmint coach will then work with you to develop your individual career game plan.

With your plan in hand and your Spearmint coach on your team, you’ll be ready to make your ideal career a reality.



“Working with Fran was extremely beneficial for me. I learned about a range of different career paths that I could pursue including many I had not previously considered, as well as which would best suit me.”

Lucas, Sophomore, Harvard

”Fran deftly leads her clients through a research-based path of self-discovery. She helps them find the key to unlocking their own potential. Her compassionate support helped our daughter find her dream job.”

Amy, Mom of University of Miami Graduate

“What makes a coach great? Experience, determination, focus, understanding, and authenticity. Fran Berrick is that great coach. She listens, observes, and sets leaders on a more successful path to delivering results and achieving personal and professional goals.”

Robert Chavez, U.S. President and CEO of Hermès, Paris

“Fran is way more than the typical resume coach, she is a real career catalyst. Her support and focus on results were instrumental in helping me to decide to start my own digital business and feel confident about taking the first steps. She continues to be my trusted advisor.”

Allison Grekin, La Sorbonne/Babson College ’13, Founder Socialive.TV

“Our daughter is a college junior and we were referred to Fran to help her jump-start her career planning. We were concerned her college couldn't provide her with the most expert tools and direction needed in this competitive marketplace. Fran’s coaching has provided all that and more, and given her the focus and self-confidence she needs to put her best self forward.”

Jill, Mom of Junior at Emerson College


Spearmint helps you master your career journey.

We offer 3 levels of coaching services designed to provide the direction, confidence, and know-how to seize your ideal career. Our coaching can be conducted in-person or virtually as needed.



Uncertain about your path and purpose in life? Discovering your career potential can be daunting if you’re not sure where to begin. We’ll lead you through the first steps so you are prepared, and you don’t need to go it alone. 


Two 1:1 Sessions; Existing Materials Review; Preliminary Materials Creation

Typical duration: 30 days


  • Intake Questionnaire
  • Current Situation Assessment
  • Goals & Expectations
  • Past Work/Internship Experiences
  • Resume/First-round Social Media Review
  • Values-oriented Assessment/Written Debrief
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Integrated Coaching/Feedback


Need a helping hand to get your career journey underway? Finding the right motivation and decisions are rooted in building a fact-based understanding of your opportunities and what you need to succeed.


Six 1:1 Sessions; Existing Materials Review; New Materials Creation

Typical duration: 3 months


  • Includes: Discover
  • Certified Research-Based Assessment
  • Interpretation of Findings/Written Debrief
  • Extended Materials Development (Resume, Cover Letter, Elevator Pitch, FAQ Responses, etc.)
  • Career Search Strategy & Resources
  • Integrated Coaching/Feedback


Are you looking for sustained support from the first steps to the last mile in your career search? Navigating the journey— from assessing your opportunities through building your network and nailing the interview—are the fundamentals needed for success.


Weekly/Bi-weekly Sessions; Existing Materials Review; New Materials Creation

Typical duration: 6 months


  • Includes: Discover + Launch
  • Network Development & Activation
  • The Career Search Process (Strategy, Timeline, Trouble Spots, etc.)
  • Comprehensive Materials Development
  • (Resume, Letters, Personal Pitch, etc.)
  • Social Media Activation
  • Personalized Interview Prep & Debriefing
  • Job Onboarding (as needed)
  • Integrated Coaching/Feedback