Announcing Spearmint

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my new company, Spearmint, created to provide a fresh approach to career coaching that reflects today’s real- world demands.
Spearmint’s proprietary process will help our clients accelerate their own trajectories into careers where they can excel and thrive.
The nature of the work world is changing dramatically, creating intense challenges for those entering or transitioning in the work force, from young people leaving college, to mid to senior level managers and professionals. In this precarious environment where the stakes are so high, everyone needs an edge.
 Spearmint helps clients navigate this demanding landscape by focusing on their strengths, skills and values; they learn to adjust to changing market demands while remaining learning agile and flexible; and master their ability to set goals and work like crazy to achieve them.
Spearmint’s unique process, created with the help of some extremely talented academic and business advisors, leverages my personal – and highly successful - experience with the challenges of professional transitions and my first-hand understanding of what drives professional success. 

I was very lucky to have started my career with a clear understanding of my basic skills and where they could be useful, something I’ve discovered many young people who are just starting out haven’t given much thought too. I have also always had a knack for asking the key questions that help people understand themselves and fuel their engine for professional growth.  
Now, believing professionals should follow the lead of Socrates to ‘know thyself’ and then develop their professional persona and leadership skills to succeed, I am looking forward to helping clients succeed for years to come.

Fran Berrick